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Our Courses

Our Courses

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Our senior experts are on hand to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as giving practical demonstrations in the field.
The workshops focus on the following topics:

  • Animal nutrition
    Animal nutrition

    The animal nutrition module assists farmers to understand more about the nutrition cycle. Farmers are taught about importance of understanding the nutrition curve and the relationship between nutrition and vital body function, milk production, growth, reproduction and fat deposition. Emphasizes is also given on the importance of understanding the veld because that is where most of the cattle in Zimbabwe grow. The module covers all the different grasses, characteristics of those grasses and how the different seasons of the year affect grazing. Farmers are taught how to fit into the natural cycle to get best results.

  • Cattle handling, including branding, dehorning andcastration
    Cattle handling

    The livestock handling module covers the general branding, dehoring and tagging covering both practical and theory with a bias towards practical exercises. The module also covers animal psychology and the impact of stress on productivity. The animal psychology component teaches farmers how to work cattle and get the best out of cattle without hurting and forcingthem. Farmers are educated on animal instincts and how one can use those instincts to achieve desired objectives without causing stress to the animals.

  • Animal health, including vaccination,treatment and dosing
    Cattle farming as a business

    The cattle farming as a business module in Zimbabwe brings all the material taught in the previous module into dollars and cents. In this module, farmers are taught the business principles that one should apply when running a cattle enterprise covering strategy, planning, budgeting and record keeping. Farmers are also taught how to use business strategies and techniques to address the market challenges that they face when selling cattle. Market linkages are also a key component of this module.

  • Breeding & Genetics
    Breeding and genetics

    In this module, farmers are taught on importance of good genetics in production, how different breeds adapt to the different environment, the advantages of cross breeding in beef production and how one can use a simple visual condition score as a herd reproductive management tool. Farmers are also taught how to manage their breeding seasons and importantly, how to adapt breeding seasons to the environment that they are in.

  • Cattle Farming as a Business
    Animal health

    In this module, farmers are taught on the importance of a good herd health management program and how to implement it. Farmers are given an extensive overview of the health risks to cattle and how to pre-empt diseases and negative health attributes that could affect productivity of the herd. Farmers are given tools and guidelines to use throughout the year for an effective herd health management protocols.