Who we are

Who we are

Who we are


We see it all the time in Africa. An elderly man with his grandchildren sitting all around him, the warm and welcoming as night draws in... He’s talking to them, his hands expressing his enthusiasm. He looks back over the years and shares his stories with the young ones, hoping they can learn from the wisdom he’s gained over many years. The children, eyes wide, hang on his every word, sensing how important it is to soak it all up...

Passing down knowledge, through the spoken word, from one generation to the next is something we all know and understand. And the power of this idea, the sharing of knowledge through generations, is one that Nurture Education Trust seized upon with enthusiasm. The reason is simple. This is an idea that will not only benefit cattle farmers, but will also bring value to the greater cause of improving their industry and the country in which they and their families live and work.

Core Values

These five core values embody Nurture’s culture, which includes a true hands-on involvement. These are the values that keep us aligned and help us make decisions about everything we do.

  • Win Win

    Win Win

    We create solutions where the company wins, the investor wins, the farmer wins.

  • Sustainable thinking

    Sustainable thinking

    We make decisions that will last longer than we will.

  • Herd mentality

    Herd mentality

    We create meaningful and supportive connections everyday – from expert to farmer to investor and all the way back again.

  • Make a Difference

    Make a Difference

    We think smarter, we work harder, and we do it together in the spirit of sharing.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To give willing, small scale beef farmers across Zimbabwe direct access to expert, experience-based knowledge – for positive, sustainable growth that improves live hoods and the beef industry as a whole. Through our vision, we nurture potential, raise productivity, encourage investment and strengthen communities.

Our story

Our story

Nurture began life actively seeking out and taking on investment opportunities in both the financial and agri-business sectors of southern Africa. When we came across the opportunity to help revive the enormously successful beef industry in our home country of Zimbabwe, we jumped into action. With a mentorship-style education programme in place, designed to roll out across the country over the next two years, Nurture believes that we can make a meaningful difference to beef cattle farming and the industry in both the short and long term by empowering farmers with the type of knowledge that only comes through years of experience. This is a serious commitment and one in which we – and our stakeholders – are proudly invested.

Performance through Learning

Performance through Learning

Our senior experts are on hand to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as giving practical demonstrations in the field.

The workshops focus on the following topics:
  • Animal nutrition
  • Cattle handling, including branding, dehorning and castration
  • Animal health, including vaccination, treatment and dosing
  • Breeding & Genetics
  • Cattle Farming as a Business